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Preventing and treating HIV through direct services, advocacy, education and awareness.

Our clinic provides access to basic health care services and support for a range of health services for those with HIV and AIDS. Our clinic is dedicated to providing all clients living with HIV support and help for access to medical care. Your health is important to us. Our dedicated clinic doctors and staff is here to get you into medical care and on antiretroviral treatment. Because we also understand the many challenges that could make it difficult for you to access care, our services also works with you to ensure you have resources for support. This includes housing, food pantry, transportation for medical visits, mental health, and substance abuse support. You can learn more about AID Upstate here.

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We strive to provide access to basic health care services and HIV/AIDS prevention, support, and education resources. Our clinic is here for your needs and we  

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Keep your medication information organized and easily accessible. Within the Patient Login you can view appointments, review current medications, manage refills, and communicate with the clinic office. 

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We're located in Greenville, SC! It want the clinic to be easily accessible and a welcoming space to visit. Click the "LOCATE US" button below to view our location with GoogleMaps.