Management Team


Andy Hall, CEO

Greg Campbell, COO

Tracy Carr, Director of Finance

Quinn Hamilton, Client Services Director

Maurice Adair, Prevention Services Director

Brett Allen, Lead Medical Case Manager, Anderson

Heather Cazarin, Lead Medical Case Manager, Greenville

Helen Farmer, The Laurel Manager

Chris Thomas, Medical Practice Manager

Doug McCormick, Medical Director

Quinton Ellison, Marketing Communications Manager


Board of Directors


Richard Moose, President

Roger Foster, Vice-President

Lynn Cusick Treasurer

Donna M. Potts, MD, Secretary

Thomas Bartz

Beth Batson 

Caroline Caldwell-Richmond

John Cirelli

Malia Fredrickson

Lori Malvern, MD

Darryl "D" Marchionne

Gail Moose

Inez Morris 

Vaughn Newman, Jr. 

Rodney Tow 

Rocky Vaughn


AID Upstate Staff


Administrative Staff

Theresa Bunch, Finance

John Converse, Administrative

Brian Thebodeau, MCM Front Desk

Steve Taylor, Client Insurance Support

Cheryl Toth, Medical Clinic Front Desk

Chris Trudell, Web/Social Media Technician

Wanda Wallen, Front Desk Supervisor


Greenville Client Services Office Staff

Quinn Hamilton, Director of Client Services

Heather Cazarin, Lead Case Manager

Becky Tutiven, Medical Case Manager

Tonyé Torrence, Peer Educator

Hannah Sides, Medical Case Manager

Travis Shaw, Medical Case Manager

Frankisha Patterson, Clinical Case Manager

Kristin O'Neal, Medical Case Manager

Trey Meredith, Housing and Medical Case Manager

Shannan Kelly, Specialized Medical Case Manager

Shorell Harrison, Medical Case Manager

Lucy Dunlap, Medical Case Manager

Marco Diaz, Addictions Therapist

Aaron Creech, Outreach Specialist

Chris Thomas, Medical Practice Manager

Doug McCormick, Family Nurse Practitioner, Medical Director

John Converse, Food Pantry Coordinator

Summer Mowery, Medical Case Manager

Chris Grace, Duty Case Manager

Renee Lambert, Clinical Case Manager

Steve Taylor, Client Insurance Support

Anderson Client Services Office Staff

Brett Allen, Lead Medical Case Manager

Barbara Maxwell, CMA

David W. Potts, MD

Donna M. Potts, MD

Joseph Halliday, DO 


The Laurel (Greenville)

Helen Farmer, Manager

Michael Cole, Assistant House Manager

Joshua Taylor

Odessa Seymour

Scott Smith



Prevention Staff

Maurice Adair, Director of Prevention Services

Carlos Alvarez, Prevention Specialist

Quinton Ellison, Prevention Coordinator

Teretha Fowler, Prevention Coordinator

Roxie Hunter Young, Youth Advocate


Support Group Facilitators

Inez Morris – Women

Brad Eason, LPC, Mental Health

Marco Diaz, Addictions