People living with HIV/AIDS who need housing may apply for housing in our residential facility if space is available. To qualify for a room in this facility you must be:

  • an open client at AID Upstate for at least 2 months;
  • able to care for yourself or have access to a caregiver;
  • medically cleared by a physician and mentally cleared by a mental health professional;
  • cleared through background check;
  • drug free.

All residents must pay 30% of their income each month, will undergo random drug testing and must abide by all house rules.

AID Upstate may be able to assist with rent or utilities for a limited time when unexpected circumstances arise in your life. Certain documents are required to show proof of the unexpected event, proof of your financial need and your eligibility for assistance. A plan for how rent or utilities will be paid for ongoing is also required. If approved, payments are made directly to your landlord, mortgage or utility company.